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  • DGAV - About us


    Organisational Law:

    The Organic Law of the Directorate-General of Food and Veterinary Medicine, was approved by the
    Regulamentar Decree n.º 31/20012  of 13 mars, and Complementary Legislation  [Portaria n.º 282/2012, of 17 September - Nuclear Structure of DGAV].

    . Organisational Law

    Organisational Chart 

    . Organizational Structure

    . MAFDR
    Ministério da Agricultura Florestas e Desenvolvimento Rural.

    Skills of Central Directorates:

    Direct responsibility:
  • National Sanitary Veterinary Authority;
  • Animal and Plant Sanitation and Animal Welfare and Protection;
  • Control and Health Certification of Animals, Plants, and Animal or Vegetal Products;
  • Official Inspection / Hygienic Control on Production, Processing and Storage of Animal and Vegetal Products, and Animal By-Products or Animal Feed;
  • Evaluation, Authorization, Regulation of Marketing and Use of Veterinary Medicinal Products, Veterinary Biocides, Veterinary Products and Phytofarmaceuticals;
  • Coordination of actions to defend Genetic Heritage as well as Animal Breeding.

    * Central Directorates - DSC (in atualization):

    . Legal Office - GJ  

  • . Audit Centre - NA

    . Animal Genetic Resouces Office - GRGA

     Directorate for Managemnet and Administration -

    . Directorate for Strategy, Communication and Internationalization - DSECI

    . Directorate for Animal Protection - DSPA

    . Directorate for Health and Protection Means - DSMDS

    . Directorate for Vegetal Health - DSSV

    Directorate for Nutrition and Food  - DSNA

    . Directorate for Food Safety - DSSA


    * Regional Directorates - DSAVR:

    . Food and Veterinary Regional Directorates -

    . Regional Directorates - Contacts
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