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Nutrition and Food - Labelling and Nutrition

Food suplements - Import

The import of food supplements complies with the general rules for the import of foodstuff, either they are of animal or non-animal origin and with the procedure for verifying the conformity of its ingredients.

Before giving prior notification to the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries (DRAP/RA) or the Regional Directorates of Food and Veterinary (DSAVR), through the completion of Part I of the Common Entry Document (CED) or the Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED), for the import of food supplements, the operator must ensure that the ingredients (vitamins, minerals, additives, novel foods and other ingredients) for their manufacture comply with the applicable safety and legal requirements.

Complementary Procedure for Verifying the Conformity of Ingredients in the case of Importing Food Supplements::

  1. Completion by the Operator of the appropriate Form.

    This form helps the operator to identify the vitamins and minerals allowed in the establishment of food supplements and provides sources of information which the economic operator must use to ensure that the novel foods and other ingredients are previously checked.

    Vitamins and Minerals


    Novel foods and food ingredients

  2.  Attach to part I of the CED/CVED, in TRACES, on tab "Consignment” →"References", under "Attachments":

    a. Duly completed form;
    b. Copy of the label and technical data sheet of each product, proving its composition.

See more INTERNATIONAL TRADE, FNAO checks on imports 


Exemption from the General Rules and Complementary Procedure

The Consignments of food supplements, imported by a private individual, exclusively for own consumption, without any commercial intention, whose acquisition value does not exceed 200 € are excluded from the general and food supplements procedures.

Commercialization of Imported Food Supplements in the National Territory

In order to marketing food supplements on national territory, the operator must notify the DGAV in accordance with the notification procedure for food supplements.

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