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Food  of non-Animal Origin [ FNAO ]

Import from third countries


Operators who intend to import food of non-animal origin (FNAO) from third countries, into/or through Portugal, shall ensure the following procedures in hygienic sanitary grounds:

The following consignments are excluded of these procedures:

  • Non-commercial consignments, sent by mail or contained in personal luggage, imported by a private person, exclusively for consumption or personal use;
  • Consignment intended for a firm, whose import nature is occasional and non-commercial  (e.g. samples for commercial prospecting or laboratory purposes);
  • Consignments of food supplements:
    • imported by a private individual, exclusively for own consumption, without any commercial intention, whose acquisition value does not exceed 200 €.
    • imported for commercial prospecting or laboratory purposes

1. Create a new EU login account


Go the the EU login page https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cas/login and follow the Instructions.

2. Request a new user access profile in TRACES-NT


Open the Traces NT page https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/tracesnt/login and follow the Instructions.

3. Ensure Prior Notification – Create part I of CHED-D

The responsible for the loads.


Complete Part I of the Common Health Entry Document (CHED-D) in TRACES-NT (see Instructions).

Attach the following documents to the CHED-D:

  • Proof of the bank transfer made to the order of the Regional Directorates of Agriculture and Fisheries (DRAP) (see contacts and prices).
  • Map with description of the consignments.
  • Form, only in the case of food with various ingredients or food supplements.
  • Copy of the documents that accompany the commodities: Invoice, Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill, Packing List, certificates, analytical bulletins and other mandatory documents mentioned in specific regulations.
  • Export documents, including export certificates, in case of return/re-importation of commodities.


With a minimum advance of at least:

  • 2 working days  – in the case of FNAO originating in or consigned from Japan following the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power station, food supplements and food contact materials.
  • 1 working day – in the case of other FNAO featuring on the IC 19 of the Customs or subject to reinforced controls or emergency / safeguard measures

4. Presentation of Commodities for Official Control

FNAO are subject to 100% documentary control and varying percentages of identity and physical control, including sample collection for laboratory analysis. The operators  selected for these controls shall present the imported commodities to the inspectors of the Border Control Posts.

5. Cost of controls

The cost of controls, including laboratory ones, is borne by the operator (Article 79 and 80 Reg. (EU) 2017/625).
Payments are made to DRAP (
contacts and prices) and to laboratories.


FNAO subject to reinforced controls or safeguard measures may only enter and be controlled in national or EU Border Control Posts (BCP), previously designated entry points (DEP) and designated import points (PID).

In exceptional situations, official identity and physical controls may be performed at Control Points (CP).


Reg. (EC) 178/2002General principles of food law and procedures in matters of food safety
Reg. (EU) 2017/625Official controls and other official activities performed to ensure the application of food and feed law
Reg.(EU) 2019/1793Temporary increase of official controls and emergency measures
Dec. 2011/884/EURice and rice products from China (GMO)
Reg.(EU) 2017/2058Products from Japan associated with the risk of radioactive contamination
Reg. (EU) 2019/628
Sprouts and Seeds for the production of Sprouts
Dec. 2014/88/CE Prohibition of Importation of Betel leaves from Bangladesh
Reg. (EU) 2015/943 Prohibition of Importation of dried beans from Nigeria
IC 19Customs Official Information – Food of Non Animal origin
IC 39 Customs Official Information – Food Supplements
IC 119
Customs Official Information – Food Contact Material



(Updated april 24, 2020)

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