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Sprouts and seeds for the production of sprouts

The certification requirements for imports of sprouts and seeds intended for the production of sprouts
are published in REG. (EU) No. 211/2013, of the Commission of 11 March and amendments made by REG. (EU) No. 704/2014, of the Commission of 25 June.

Consignments of sprouts or seeds intended for the production of sprouts shall be accompanied by a certificate (provided for in Article 3 of REG. (EU) No. 211/2013, whose model is in the Annex and shall be submitted to the competent authority.

The original copy of the certificate shall accompany the consignment until it reaches the destination indicated on the certificate.
If there is a breakdown of the consignment, each part of it must be accompanied by a copy of the certificate.

The requirements for traceability of imported sprouts and shoots are described in Article 4 of  REG. (EU) No. 208/2013.

According to what is established, the food business operators are required to keep the referred certificate for an adequate period of time after the sprouts have presumably been consumed.
In addition, they shall provide copies of the certificate to all operators whom the seeds are dispatched to (until they reach the sprout producer).

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