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It is considered that the animal is identified:

• With microchip in accordance with ISO 11784 and using an HDX or FDX-B technology
capable of being read by a reading device compatible with the ISO 11785, otherwise the pet owner should have the means to allow their reading (check with your vet clinic)


• Through clearly readable tattoo (option valid only for the animals identified before 03/07/2011 and provided that it is presented written proof of this fact)

The animal identification (dogs and cats) allows us to match them with their individual health status, so the date of vaccination can never be prior to the date identification* (date of application of microchip or date of reading when the date of application is not known. In the case of a readable tattoo, the date of reading can not as well be after 03/07/2011)

* However, it is accepted that vaccination occurs on the same date of identification

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Update on: 2021-01-26


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